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Upcoming pulveREDU Classes

Wed, Jan 20th at 10:30 AM (Eastern) Uncovering Unconscious Bias : An Introduction with Lorne Epstein - https://pulveredu2025.eventbrite.com

Wed, Jan 20th at 7 PM (Eastern) Getting to Know Your Energy System with Tanys Coughlan - https://pulveredu2037.eventbrite.com

Fri, Jan 22nd at 11 AM (Eastern) Get into SPACs for Pennies on the Dollar with James Sowers - https://pulveredu2003.eventbrite.com

Fri, Jan 22nd at 2 PM (Eastern) Pixar Storytelling: Helping to Create Narratives for Your Brand, Book or Bio with Dean Movshovitz - https://pulveredu2041.eventbrite.com

Fri, Jan 22nd at 4 PM (Eastern) 6 Steps to Better Sleep with Melissa Deally - https://pulveredu1052md.eventbrite.com

Sun, Jan 24th at 1 PM (Eastern) Mystical Insights of The Book of Psalms with Rebbetzin Shachar Banin - https://pulveredu2018.eventbrite.com

Sun, Jan 24th at 2 PM (Eastern) The Secret to Make Your Stories Pop! with Elaine Williams - https://pulveredu2040.eventbrite.com

Sun, Jan 24th at 4 PM (Eastern) Ancient Skies with Shanil Virani - https://pulveredu20210110.eventbrite.com

What's a Zula?

A Zula is a safe and comfortable place to hang out.  Join our Zulas for Passion Based Networking with people from around the globe.

Tuesdays 9 PM EST /
 02:00 GMT Wednesdays 
8:30 AM EST / 13:30 GMT

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Grateful Goddesses TV

Sun Jan 24th
7 PM (central), 8 PM (eastern), 5 PM (pacific)

Monday, Jan 25th at  

12:30 PM (Eastern) / 1730 GMT

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Wednesday, Jan 27 12 PM (Eastern) / 1700 GMT

With Tracey Jackson

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