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Upcoming pulveREDU Classes - Full listing at pulveREDU.com

 Fri, Jan 15th at 11 AM (Eastern) Could Bitcoin go to $1 Million? with James Sowers - https://pulveredu2002.eventbrite.com/

 Fri, Jan 15th at 4 PM (Eastern) How to Heal Your Gut and Enjoy Food Again with Melissa Deally - https://pulveredu1053md.eventbrite.com/

 Sun, Jan 17th at 2 PM (Eastern) The Power of Healing Through Laughter with Elaine Williams - https://pulveredu2039.eventbrite.com/

 Sun, Jan 17th at 4 PM (Eastern) Ancient Skies with Shanil Virani - https://pulveredu20210110.eventbrite.com

Sun, Jan 17th at 7 PM (Eastern) Turn Fear Into A Friend with Jonathan Troen - https://pulveredu1027jt.eventbrite.com

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Our search for talented performers continues ...


Grateful Goddesses TV

Sun Jan 17th
7 PM (central), 8 PM (eastern), 5 PM (pacific)

Bravery, connection, kindness, and serendipity...what these qualities all have in common?  Join us as we meet Paige Parsons, our Guest Goddess, and find the answers!


We will discuss how her creative passion for photography, enabled her to connect to others authentically. As she states " I want my photography to remind you that you are not alone. I hope that when you see my pictures, you feel connected to others. I focus on music because music cuts through our cynicism and breaks down the barriers that we erect between ourselves and the rest of the world. I draw my inspiration from the people and music that I love and a passion for capturing the essence of connection. My photography is about serendipity, ephemeral moments, and conveying the emotion and interaction of the human connection through live performance".

Due to COVID, Paige is now part of the PPE PORTRAIT PROJECT. She is helping to keep the connection going between medical staff and their patients. The portraits she takes are allowing patients to see the face behind the mask. 

Paige Parsons is a freelance photographer specializing in live music and event photography. Her clients include Bjork, Live Nation, Peter Frampton, Another Planet Entertainment, The Los Angeles Times, Noise Pop Industries, The San Fransisco Chronicle, Restoration Hardware, Rolling Stone, Lagunitas Brewery, Stanford University, Polydor Records, Ice Cream Man, and Rock Action Records.

Paige has photographed hundreds of bands over the past twenty years and has shot dozens of music festivals across the country including Lollapalooza, Sasquatch, Outside Lands, and Treasure Island. I graduated from M.I.T. with a BSAD in Design. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world and she has several permanent solo exhibitions. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is available for assignments up and down the west coast. 

Monday, Jan 18th at  

12:30 PM (Eastern) / 1730 GMT

On our weekly ASK THE ORACLES cosmic zoom show, Jeff, Monte and I use our gifts of intuition and our oracle cards to do readings for our attendees.

Day in and day out, our psychic imagination is speaking to us in the only language it understands, symbols and feelings, and what we have to do is learn how to listen and, occasionally, to speak to it. It wants to help us. Our oracles can guide us to interpret these messages.

On our next ASK THE ORACLES zoom show on Monday, January 18th, our special guest (back by popular demand!) will be Michelle Welch, our dear friend and author of The Magic of Connection. She is also the owner and operator of SoulTopia metaphysical stores, where she provides intuitive readings and healing sessions in addition to teaching classes on crystals, tarot, energy work, and intuition.

Amy, Monte and Jeff will discuss our favorite cosmic subjects and do readings and answer your questions, with Michelle.

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