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The Power of Healing Through Laughter

by Elaine Williams

Dec 6 at 4 PM (Eastern)

Science Behind Climate Change: An Astronomer's Perspective
by Shanil Virani

Dec 6 at 6 PM (Eastern)

GenZ Rulez 
by Karina Besprosvan

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Grateful Goddesses TV

Guest Goddess

Roe Couture DeSaro

Roe is an multi award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and the go-to expert for women leaders to break through their limits and current level of business to create more impact, income and influence without the struggles and sacrifices.

Her programs provide unique experiences where you get to transform the way you think about your business, money, clients, and yourself so that you can have absolute clarity, empowered boundaries and unshakable confidence in everything you do in your business and life.
Roe’s advocacy for supporting women to ‘drop the playing small game’ and monetizing their legacy, has grown into a glorified success. She’s witty and powerful and works with women to embrace their authenticity and feminine brilliance at any age. You’ll instantly find her Brooklyn accent magnetic, as she exemplifies the accolades of “Street smarts with heart.”

Mentoring women for almost 40 years, Roe asks you to “Be A Gutsy Gal”.


By combining her own street smarts, femininity, values, and heart with her immersion in psychology, neuroscience and personal development she broke several glass ceilings on Wall St, held high level corporate leadership positions, built large sales teams and became an International best-selling author and a US three-time best-selling author while being married, raising two children, serving for non-profits, and women’s organizations, most recently as Managing Director for eWomenNetwork, the world’s most premier resource for helping women to grow their businesses. Most importantly she created the boundaries to have the time to enjoy it all


She created a world where females have their voice respected; because she learned how to do it herself.


Roe touches a chord, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally and has experienced women taking more risks and achieving more than they never had before. Under her leadership and coaching, breakthroughs occur and her GutsyGal gatherings are sold-out. Today she loves coaching ‘Women Leaders’ to build profitable businesses.

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