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Spring Semester at pulveREDU updates for April 2021

Nathan Mac, Kate Yeager, Justin Gambino,
Douglas DeJoe, 
Sea & Stone, Tempting Murphy

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Grateful Goddesses TV

Wednesday, April 14th

7 PM (Central) / 8 PM (Eastern)

On the Grateful Goddess journey, we are discovering that energy is emitted in many ways, including crystals. It is believed that when crystals are used in your daily life with the right intentions, they can help your mind, body, and spirit direct and influence the energy towards greater health. They are like the “spiritual sidekicks” to help you navigate through challenges and struggles. They can add a feeling of grounding, bring love your way, provide protection and even help you to speak your truth. There is so much to learn about crystals and the energies they bring to us, how to care for them, what is the best crystal for each of us specifically to use, healing properties,  and more. Join us Wednesday, April 14,at 7 pm CT, as we talk with Lori Ross , crystal consultant and the owner of 7 Stones Publishing , LLC (www.7stonespublishing.com) The Cartomancer Magazine (www.thecartomancermagazine.com) 7 Stones Shop in Gold Canyon Arizona (www.7stonesgoldcanyon.co

We will cover all areas of crystal energies and how you may want to add a little gem or sparkle into your life. 

GG TV is an extension of the Grateful Goddesses podcast, you-tube show, whereby viewers can watch a live podcast and have an opportunity to interact with the guest and take actionable steps for the lessons learned on the show.  


Lori Ross was born on Captiol Hill in Seattle and raised in the quiet sleepy town just north of the city in Edmonds, Washington. She was a very shy and highly sensitive empathic child, always picking up everyone's energy wherever she would go.  She was raised with three older brothers that were over protective yet the first to put her  in her place.  Excelling in school and had her first job in child-care at the age of 12.  For 20 for years, she  persued a career in child development eventually creating the curriculum for the STEM program for The Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.  Working with youth was a passion for many years until she decided she wanted to step out and give energy to my other passions of helping people reach their dreams. She is  a mother of three awesome teenagers and a successful business owner owning four businesses. She began her publishing company after she wrote my first book,The Goddess of Mt. Rainier. It is a learning memoir of her climb up the mountain and her mystical experience working with the mountain spirits to make her ascent. She remembers when she birthed her first book and feeling the fullness of accomplishment.  It was a sensation that she wanted to help others feel. 


Lori is the owner of: 


7 Stones Publishing , LLC (www.7stonespublishing.com

The Cartomancer Magazine (www.thecartomancermagazine.com)

7 Stones Shop in Gold Canyon Arizona (www.7stonesgoldcanyon.com)

Her private energy work practice. 


She loves working with Social media so please check on IG and FB. 




Monday, April 19th

12:30 PM (Eastern) / 1630 GMT 

Welcome to our Zulas! 

Passion Based Networking


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Feeling as though the whole world is falling apart and you no longer know your place in it?

Lonely, feeling depressed, want some love and connection in your world again?
Let Souldemic help! 

Every week SOULdemic will touch on a variety of topics regarding the mind, love, body, life, relationships, soul, spirit, and angels.
We will also provide practical tools that you can implement in your life today so that you can truly live a successful life by connecting with yourself and others on a soul level.

SOULdemic, healing the world together 

SOULdemic’s aim is to create a new world filled with connection and diversity.

For more information email: lauren@pulverstudios.com

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