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August 10: Today is Tomorrow Zula - 9:00 PM (Eastern)The "Today is Tomorrow" Zula doors opens on August 10th at 9:00 PM (Eastern), which is also 6:00 PM (Pacific), 3:00 PM (HST) and is also 9:00 AM on August 11th in Bali, 11 AM on August 11th in Melbourne, Australia and 1 PM on August 11th in Auckland, New Zealand. From my perspective, this is why I am calling this the "Today is Tomorrow" Zula. :)
The intention of this social experiment is to invite my friends from Asia / Pacific (whom I do not always have a chance to see), to connect with my friends from North and South America. And of course, any of my sleep challenged friends from other regions of the world are also invited to join. Once we get started, everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and connect in a friendly and comfortable setting.

August 11: Meteor Showers / Astrophotography - 12:00 PM (Eastern)

Join Jeff and astronomer Shanil Virani as we talk about the science behind a meteor shower and talk about how best to observe the Perseids! Astrophotographer Daniel Stein will also join us to take share some tips if you want to try astrophotography.

August 12: The Soundtrack - 12:00 PM (Eastern)

Guests include: Camille Kauer, Lynda Kraar, Celeste Lear, Harlen Friedman + more.

August 13: East Coast Zula - 8:30 AM (Eastern)

August 17: Integrity, Influence and Impact - 8:30 AM (Eastern)

The 3 speakers come from diverse backgrounds, Meena Kumari Anani,  a woman from India who worked in Corporate America only to lose everything, remake herself and become a leading voice in women’s empowerment. Rebbetzin Shachar shares her decades of business management and culinary experience as a restaurant owner & chef, wife & mother and community leader to help others. Eugene Barlaz, whose lifelong purpose has been to help others find their purpose while chasing after his own dreams of making a lasting impact just as his parents did so many years ago.

August 18: West Coast Zula - 8:30 AM (Pacific)

August 19: The Conversation - 12:00 PM (Eastern)

August 20: East Coast Zula - 8:30 AM (Eastern)

August 25: TBA

August 26: The Soundtrack - 12:00 PM (Eastern)

August 27: East Coast Zula - 8:30 AM (Eastern)


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