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Monday, May 17th
12:30 PM (Eastern) / 1630 GMT 


Our next ASK THE ORACLES zoom show is Monday, May 17th at 12:30 PM Eastern.

We welcome our special guest Tori Hartman. Tori is a dear friend who is a spiritual teacher, intuitive soul and author of Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck. She has a passion for guiding others to their purpose and is firmly committed to making things less Woo and more YOU!

Amy, Monte, Tori and Jeff will chat about cosmic subjects and more.  We are all looking forward to answering your questions with our intuitive oracle readings.


Grateful Goddesses TV

Wednesday, May 12th 

7 PM (central) | 8 PM (eastern) 

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We all know the phrase “we make plans and God laughs”
How many times in our lives have we had a plan or a path that got blocked, changed, or had to be shifted? When this happens, we have a choice to make. We can continue struggling and trying to endlessly fix the problem, or surrender, give love and light to the situation and create a new normal. Heidi Rome has experienced this in her life first hand. When her autistic son Ethan was eleven, he participated in guided communication therapy in which he described via typing his own experience of his autism as a spiritual journey. “God is in my heart and will always protect me” This encounter soothed Heidi’s turmoil and transformed her attitude out of a suffering state and into a more peaceful purpose. The book’s title is from the last line of that conversation and conveys a simple and not always easy golden rule for all parents who struggle in the face of their children’s challenges, special needs or not. Mom’s only job is to love her child unconditionally, she is no longer on the agonizing hook to fix or change. This lesson applies to all of us who struggle with shifts, blockages, or changes. If we can learn to love and surrender, we can find a place of peace. Join us Wednesday, May 12 at 7 PM CT as we learn from Heidi how to surrender, give love to situations, and no longer feel the need to FIX. 

Heidi Rome is an autism mom mentor and the founder of Moms Spectrum Oasis LLC. In May 2020, she launched her book, You Just Have to Love Me: Mothering Instructions from My Autistic Child, which hit #1 New Release bestseller status in the Parenting Children with Disabilities, Disability Parenting, and Special Needs categories on Amazon during the pre-order period. Heidi has been featured in the Huffington Post, Princeton Community Television, West Essex Tribune, AM970 The Answer and iHeart Radio, 24/Seven Magazine and NJ Kids on the Go/Special Needs Guide, and other media.

Whether speaking, consulting privately, teaching courses, leading groups, holding retreats, facilitating circles, or leading staff/employee autism motivational training, Heidi's key message of "Take a Breath and Breathe" is for struggling moms who are so focused on being a "good parent" and doing their best for their special child that they neglect their own self-care--a decision with severe consequences for each member of the family. Heidi shows overwhelmed parents how to choose a happier, more empowering path toward the family's wellbeing.

“The most important thing you can provide for your child is a calm parent with a healthy, balanced perspective. Rested, nourished, and ready to face the countless decisions on how to best raise your differently-wired child. To get to that place of peace and balance, you’re going to need community around you: Like-minded parents with similar journeys and perspectives who care about you, want to support you, and can guide and encourage you as you go.”

~ Heidi Rome, speaker, Autism Mom Mentor, founder of Moms Spectrum Oasis, and author of best-selling book, You Just Have to Love Me.

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