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Author/Radio Host Chris BroganCraig Newmark, Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for being the founder of the website Craigslist and Author, Theatre Producer Robin Gorman Newman


Jeff's Place

Where you experience LIVE music (covers and originals) performed by Singer/Songwriters

Thurs, Oct 29th

2 PM / 18:00 GMT

Improve Your Zoom Game! 

Join our October 27th Master Class w/Peter Katz

If you are someone who finds yourself using zoom, this is a unique, exclusive opportunity to join "Zoom Master" Peter Katz in his Master Class. Peter is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter who found himself needing to improve his own Zoom game. At the start of the Pandemic when his 2020 Music Tour was cancelled, Peter spent 6 weeks learning how to best present on Zoom. Peter is going to be sharing his knowledge, demonstrating his set-up and will be available to answer your questions.

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A Zula is a safe and comfortable place to hang out.  Join our Zulas for Passion Based Networking with people from around the globe.

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