Join us for our ASK THE ORACLES zoom show Monday, November 29th at Noon (Eastern).  Monte & Amy along with co-host Jeff we will explore the topic of KARMA with our special guest. 

Edgar Cayce defined Karma as “meeting your self.” We believe he meant that quite literally, that when we encounter positive and negative consequences of our past actions, we are meeting our Higher Self, the part of us that knows what we need to learn for our highest good and greatest joy.

This week our guest is Sheilaa L Hite, C.Ht., CLC, who is a Master Tarot consultant, Astrologer, Modern-day Alchemist, Spellcaster, Healer, teacher, Intuitive, and author.  Her books include Secrets of a Psychic Counselor, The Intuitive Tarot—the Essential Guide for Connecting to the All-Knowing Source, and the 101 Tarot Spreads book series.