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Join Monte Farber, Amy Zerner and Jeff Pulver on their new 90 minute FREE zoom talk show:  Imagine ......... three gifted Visionary Advisors sharing weekly insights and valuable advice for how to tap into creativity and intuition to achieve goals.

• Learn From Talented Teachers How to Follow Your Passion and Unleash Your Personal Power
• Get Intuitive Readings and Guidance from Experts
• Hear what Trends and Patterns are Current and Predicted
• Listen to Creative Tips, Stories and Cosmic Lessons
• Share Ideas with Kindred Spirits to Get Inspired
• An Intimate Space to Network and Connect

The audience will have the opportunity to ask their questions through the chat. The questions will be read aloud and answered to the group. Questions need to focus on issues that are appropriate to group sharing - questions about health and politics will not be answered in this forum.

News Stories:  East Hampton Star - Ask the Oracles, Anything But Politics

Internationally known self-help author Monte Farber’s inspiring guidance and empathic insights affect everyone he encounters. Amy Zerner’s exquisite, one-of-a-kind spiritual couture creations, jewelry and intricate fabric collages exude her profound intuition and deep connection with archetypal stories and healing energies. For forty years they’ve combined their deep love for one another with the work of inner-exploration and self-discovery to build The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber: books, tools, card decks, and oracles that have helped millions answer questions, find deeper meaning, and follow their spiritual paths.

Jeff Pulver is a visionary intuitive who changed the way the world communicates. Throughout his highly successful international career, Jeff contributed to helping launch the VoIP industry in 1995 and helped grow it to what has now become; a two trillion dollar, global industry. As an internet pioneer known for his work in ViOP, Jeff has always been on the cutting edge of new trends.

Mondays 12:30 PM (Eastern) 
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