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Wednesdays 12 PM - 2 PM (Eastern) / 17:00 GMT

As you may know, I am someone who believes in empowering the dreams of others. Along the way, I have at times forgotten to follow my own dreams and aspirations. Back in March 2020 I had an idea, and you are invited to be there as this dream unfolds. I have repurposed Zoom and have created a new format where the conversations and LIVE music are shared with the intimacy of a live global studio audience.

You are invited to join the virtual global studio audience! As my audience guest, during the show, you will have the opportunity to connect with everyone else who is in the room, including our guests.

I am actively booking guests for my shows. If you have a suggestion, please send email to:  

Jeff's Place

Where you experience LIVE music (covers and originals)

performed by Singer/Songwriters

“If you believe the impossible, the incredible can come true"
- Field of Dreams

Jeff's Place is becoming a global home for artists who enjoy playing live music and music lovers who enjoy hearing live music. Jeff's Place is all about raw, live music. The music is in the moment, in flow, not always perfect but always perfectly real.

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