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Are you feeling fearful, anxious, sad, or just out of balance? Would you like an opportunity to hear how you can become more balanced and centered? Do you have burning questions about your life that you would like answered or seen from a different lens to help you?

If so...Join us Wednesday, Oct 27 at 7 PM (central) / 8 PM (eastern) as we talk with Lady Qua. Join Lady Qua  for Energetic Consultations to identify and clear life blocks while bringing you towards alignment with your dreams and desires.  Lady Qua offers guidance and tools to support the journey of living your best life!  Are you ready to change your life?! 

Everything is made of energy. The Universe, Humans, all life. When that energy becomes impaired or disrupted, which inevitably happens every now and then, subtle emotional and /or physical changes can occur. To regain balance, an energy healer can help to restore balance. Most of us have energy blocks and imbalances as well as energy sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which can lead us to feel exhausted, scattered dull, or even ill. As an alternative modality, energy healing can help to break the blocks. 

Lady Qua will answer our questions if you are open and ready to change your life. Come with an open mind, a question or two, and your mug with the beverage of choice for a night of fun.