May 2020 Past Events

May 21: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff

May 27: #140Conf Live

May 28: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff

June 2020 Past Events

June 3: #140Conf Live


June 4: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff


June 8: Virtual Breakfast / Tel Aviv

June 10: #140Conf Live

June 11: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff

June 17: #140Conf Future of Work


June 18: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff

June 24: #140Conf Small Town

Jun 25: Virtual Breakfast with Jeff

June 30: #140Conf Music #2

July 2020 Past Events

July 2: Virtual "Breakfast"

July 7: #140Conf Faith, Wonder & Love

July 8: #140Conf Stars: In Search of a Starry Night Sky

July 9: Virtual "Breakfast" with Jeff / Zula

July 14: Virtual "Breakfast" with Jeff / Zula (West Coast)

July 15: #140Conf Peter Katz: Words, Wonder & Song

July 16: Virtual "Breakfast" with Jeff / Zula

July 21: Are We Martians? Searching for Life on Mars

Session host, Shanil Virani, Scientist/Astrophysicist

July 22: #140Conf Conversations (Jeff Pulver Talk Show)

Guests include: Ryan Star, Austin Winsberg, George Lange 

July 23: East Coast Zula (Virtual Networking Event)

July 28: West Coast Zula (8:30 AM Pacific)

July 29: The Soundtrack (#140 Music) - 12:00 PM Eastern On July 29th, Jeff will be having conversations with: Steve Thompson, Lourds Lane & Melissa Jones, Peter Harrington & Pete ThomasDavid Caggiano

July 30: East Coast Zula (8:30 AM Eastern)

August 2020 Past Events

August 2: Tel Aviv Zula (10:00 AM IST)