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Monday, June 14th
12:30 PM (Eastern) / 1630 GMT 

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Karen Pulver

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  • WHAT IS GG TV?  GG tv is an extension of the Grateful Goddess you-tube and podcast- The mission of Grateful Goddesses is to bring awareness to many areas of our life to help with personal growth and development to be our best versions of ourselves. By “taste testing” areas of life that are not familiar, then we can see if we want to incorporate them into our life for the good. Imagine if you have never tried, you will never know! Soulful interviews with various guest Goddesses from around the world are conducted with host Karen Pulver and her various featured Goddesses to help us learn to tap into our Inner Goddess of strength, resilience, passion, persistence, and best of all lessons from our mistakes. When we can listen and learn, we can grow…. But there is another step! How do we take actionable steps to these lessons- the answer ….on GG TV! 

  • When you listen or watch an episode on Grateful Goddesses, you can be inspired and empowered and be ready to move forward.  The format of GG TV :  Host Karen Pulver, who is on the journey with you  does a short interview with a guest goddess (male or female)  all about their passion and mission .
    Perhaps a guest has written a book ,or has a program they want to share, or is on a personal journey themselves, we dive into this conversation, There will be an opportunity for everyone to write questions in the chat during the shorter interview and an opportunity for the host to unmute viewers to ask questions and have the interaction with the guest. We will then  do a group exercise sometimes using the host or a featured Goddess as an example then comes the fun part- we  go into breakout rooms with group leaders who facilitate the discussion. We  have a chance in a smaller group setting in the breakout rooms to discuss and work through the activity together, then after about ten min we meet back as a larger group to review the key takeaways. The guest goddess sometimes guides the evening with a guided meditation or visualization.  Some GG TV formats are question / answer in nature, especially if the Guest does “readings” like intuitive, tarot or gem stone readings, Throughout the night, you can put your info in the chat to network if you want with others, however, the GG TV is more of an extension of the podcast, you-tube show, where after you listen to a podcast or watch a you-tube, you now have an opportunity to act out and practice the lessons that are learned within a group zoom setting. Viewers  can come on with their camera on or off, although I encourage on, so they can participate but totally their comfort.

  • 😍 Bring along a mug filled with your Favorite beverage and join us in the fun. As Glinda the Good Witch says “you had the power in you all along!” We have our inner goddess of possibilities inside, we just need the help to tap into them and bring them out along with support and community. 

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