Next Show Wed, Oct. 21 

12 PM EST / 16:00 GMT

Guests include:
New York Theatre Barn - Artistic Director Joe Barros, Associate Artistic Director Jen Sandler and Hector Flores;


Author David Shiang world's leading authority on Jim Morrison and The Doors;


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DJ David Marsden

American radio host, Shadoe Stevens and pulverradio

co-founder, Ian Bell.

Each episode of The Soundtrack is recorded live, in an intimate setting, with a virtual global studio audience. The format is styled like a TV talk show.  Our host, Jeff Pulver, engages in unscripted, free flowing conversations with his guests.  Guests to this show are people who are connected to the Global Music Industry including: Singer/Songwriters, Producers, Sound Engineers, Managers, Mixers, Radio DJs, A&R, and others in the ecosystem.

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